How to Select Window Styles to Match Your Home's Interior Design

Your home’s interior design can help you choose the style of your next replacement windows. When selecting replacement windows for your home, you should consider whether your home’s style is sleek and modern, formal and elegant, or totally unique. Here is a look at how to select window styles that will perfectly complement your home’s interior design.

Windows for Traditional Homes
There are several great window styles that are perfect for traditionally styled homes. When selecting your replacement windows, you may want to look at bay or bow windows. These classic window styles are formal and elegant, and are a great choice for many spaces. Single hung windows are another versatile and functional choice for traditional homes.

Windows for Modern Homes
If your home features a modern style, you may want to choose sleek and refined window styles. Doorwalls and sliding windows are both great choices for a home with a modern interior design. These window styles offer great light and spaciousness while also providing a clean and functional style that perfectly complements many modern interior furnishings.

Windows for Eclectic Homes
Not sure how to define your home’s interior style? If your home has an eclectic style, you may want to mix and match your windows, or choose one window style to create continuity between spaces. Casement windows are a great choice if you are living in an eclectic home. You may also want to choose energy-efficient window styles, which can help reduce your monthly energy bills.

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