Get Maximum Energy Savings by Pairing Your New Windows with Energy-Efficient Treatments

When you purchase and install new replacement windows for your home, choosing energy-saving windows can help dramatically reduce your monthly energy bills. However, your energy-saving benefits do not have to stop at your windows. By pairing your new windows with energy-efficient treatments, you can help your home energy savings go even farther. Here are some of the latest choices in energy-efficient window treatments. Window Awnings When you choose energy-efficient window awnings, you will receive year-round energy-saving benefits. Window awnings can help protect your windows from the heat of the sun’s rays. By installing awnings on your south and west facing windows, you can significantly reduce the amount of heat that your home absorbs through the windows. During the winter, awnings help to protect your windows from the damaging effects of wind and rain.

Interior Blinds Energy-efficient interior blinds can be used to control the amount of light and heat that enters your home through the windows. When selecting blinds for your home, look for reflective blinds that will repel the sun’s rays. By raising, lowering, or opening the blinds, you can adjust for changes in exterior light and heat throughout the seasons.

Window Draperies Window draperies can help keep your home cooler in the summer, and also keep your home warmer in the winter. To achieve the maximum energy-saving benefits, you should choose draperies that are made of a medium weight fabric in a darker shade. When hanging draperies, ensure that they hang very closely to the surface of your window.

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