Ideas for Decorating Your New Bay Windows

Bay windows are a stunning accent to any home interior, and they can add light and spaciousness to the interior spaces of your home. When you install new bay windows in your home, your next step will be to choose a decorating style to complement your new windows. From classic to contemporary, there are many ways to make your bay windows really stand out. Here are some decorating ideas for your new bay windows. Silk Drapes Silk drapes are a classic way to decorate your bay windows. When choosing a silk fabric, you should select a color and style that complements the furniture and décor of your room. You can either choose to use the same fabric for all of the drapes, or you can mix and match fabrics for an unexpected pop of color.

Valances A valance is a type of top treatment that will provide a window with a formal appearance. When choosing your valance treatment, you can draw inspiration from other furniture pieces in the room. For added privacy, you can choose to install retractable blinds beneath the valance.

Specialized Hardware Because bay windows have three or more panes, you should look for window hardware that is specially designed for this window style. Look for curtain rods that have adjustable hinges, so that they are able to wrap around the entire space of the window. Once you have found the right hardware, you can go on to select curtains.

Window Seat A window seat is a traditional accompaniment to a bay window. When you install a window seat, you will draw attention to the bay window, and create functional seating space for your home interior. Some window seats can also be constructed with cabinets for storage.

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