How to Properly Finish a Basement


finished basement Benefits to Finishing a Basement

When it comes to finished basements, the people who have unfinished basements might tell you it’s a hassle because of how much money it costs, or if it floods it’s much more work to clean than if it wasn’t finished.  The truth is if it’s handled correctly a finished basement can raise the value of your house when you sell it along with flooding no longer being an issue.  Below you will see the steps that should be taken to ensure that you won’t have to worry about basement floods any longer while introducing a new room in your house where people can gather and mingle.

Insulation and Framing

It’s important that whether you take on this huge task yourself or if you hire a crew to come and do it for you that they use quality insulation and framing.  Avoid foam insulation as it isn’t as durable as lower R-value.  You’ll need to make sure the studs are a certain distance from one another depending how high the ceiling is in the basement.

What’s a Soffit?

The next time you go into your basement you’ll notice that most of all of the plumbing for your whole house rides along the ceiling and down the walls.  The next step is boxing in those pipes, and putting drywall around them is the best way to insure that you have the basement of your dreams.  Once this structure is complete it’s called a soffit.  Again, measurements are determined by the size of your basement and how many inches from off the floor that the pipes are located.  The Insulation and soffits are the critical steps if you want to avoid floods at all costs.

Those are Nice Windows

One key aspect of a finished basement has to do with the quality of windows that are installed.  If they are old out of date windows it can cause for water to leak through or when snow melts it can leak through as well, which may have been the cause of your flooding in the first place, but with the help of Wallside Windows you can have some of the nicest basement windows that any company can provide.  There are many different choices when looking at basement windows as houses have many different basement formats. The next time someone tells you that it’s not a good idea to finish your basement, ignore them and show them you have the knowledge and the skill to finish your basement by yourself, or you know the right company to hire to take on the challenge.  Either way, your house’s value will rise significantly when you put it on the market.