Keep Rodents Away From Your House


rodents lurking They Come From Out of Nowhere

Those pesky rodents can easily ruin ones appetite or make someone shriek until they’ve moved out into another house or apartment, but there are some natural, and not so natural ways to make sure that rodents stay out of your living area for good by just following a few easy steps.  Although, it seems that these rodents come from the sky and are sent to make your life difficult, they always make their way in somehow whether it’s chewing a hole in the crawl space, or even taking a bite out of the bottom of the garage door.  It’s something you can prevent from here on out.

Branches Set the Road for Rodents

It may not seem believable, but some rodents make their way into your house from long big tree branches that hang over your house.  To us it’s hard to climb a tree and hang off a branch, but those little mice scale the tree and tree branches right to your gutter, and they can easily reach your attic or an open window from there.  So, it’s up to you to find a ladder and trim those branches that hang over or near your house to keep the mice from reaching the side or top of your house.  You don’t want your windows ruined by mice trying to chew their way through inside.  Especially if they were installed by the window experts at Wallside Windows.

Attack from the Attic

Your attic seems to be a rodent’s favorite spot to hide from you because it’s the darkest, least visited spot in your house.  They can chew their way to any room in the house from the attic because all they have to do is get into the wall, and no one will be able to see them.  Your job if you want to keep rodents out of the attic is to check there on a regular basis.  Investigate the best you can for holes and fill them along with setting mouse traps that will be sure to catch them off guard until they’re out of the attic for good.

Garage Used For More Than Storage

Next to the attic, the garage is the most key room in the house when it comes to rodent problems.  Although the garage is the most similar room to the attic, they’re much easier to prevent than in the attic.  You’ll know if a rodent snuck into the garage because there will be a hole chewed in the bottom of the door or you’ll find them in the storage boxes in there because rodents love to consider your clutter their home. Aside from those key spots there aren’t many ways that rats or mice should be able to get into your house or apartment.  Make sure doors and windows are installed properly so there aren’t any gaps.  Get rid of those nasty rodents for good!