How to Maintain Healthy Flowers


flower garden Tis The Season

When it comes to planting flowers outside there are an array of choices for you and other people you live with to look through.  The color, size, and smell are just a few things to consider when looking through a flower catalog.  After you’ve made your decision it’s important to select the right location to plant the flowers so that you can show them off to your neighbors and anybody that happens to walk by your house, but also make sure they’re located where there’s a decent amount of space for the roots to grow underground in some healthy soil.

When to Water and How Much Sunlight is enough?

It’s important to keep a set schedule of when to water your plants because you don’t want to over do it or under do it.  Also, If the flowers are being kept outside, and it rains it’s significant that you keep track of how much it has rained as well because you might think a sudden shower is enough to keep your flowers fed, but in fact that rain might run right off the soil before it even soaks into the ground.  So, in this instance a nice watering might be in store.  Make sure to close your windows as well.  Especially if they were installed by the experts at Wallside Windows.  There are actually plants in the world that require no sunlight, but these are rare cases.  As for the ones that require sunlight, usually around six hours is enough sunlight to keep your flowers strong and healthy.  A sign that your flowers are getting too much sunlight is if the leaves on your flowers are dried out, and in this instance you would want to shade those flowers for a day or two.

Healthy Soil is Happy Soil

When determining if your soil is healthy or not there are a few key points to consider.  The main point is how dark is your soil?  The darker the soil generally means it’s healthier than light brown soil.  Also, if you are reusing soil from a plant that was already there, pull the plant up from the bottom of the stem and investigate how spread out the roots were underground.  If the plant’s roots are very spread out then it generally means that soil is healthy and rich.  Another key point is the pH level of the plants.  There are testing kits available at any planting and gardening store.

Show Those Flowers Off!

While picking the right flowers and maintaining them are very important, it will also make you feel good once the compliments start rolling in about how nice your flowers look.  What better way to compliment your flowers than to put them right by your window that was installed by Wallside Windows.  After knowing all there is about planting and maintaining flowers, you should be on your way to having the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood.