How Does Vinyl Compare to Other Window Materials?

Many of today's replacement windows are available in vinyl frames. Vinyl replacement windows have been a popular choice for several years thanks to their many benefits. They are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable, which makes them eco-friendly on many levels. Read on to see how vinyl stacks up against other window materials such as metal and wood.

  • Cost: One of the primary reasons why homeowners purchase replacement windows is to save money. If you want to make your home more efficient and save on utility bills without overspending on replacement windows, vinyl is an excellent choice. In contrast, other materials such as metal or wood are more expensive, do not always provide the best performance, and require considerable maintenance.
  • Performance: Vinyl window frames that have been thermally improved include spacers in the body of the frame itself. Air is a poor conductor of heat, as is vinyl. The addition of spacers within the vinyl material further increases its thermal performance, making it one of the most effective replacement window options available on the market today. Traditional metal windows conduct heat very readily, which severely compromises their thermal performance. Wood replacement windows are generally highly efficient but require much more maintenance.
  • Maintenance: The vinyl frame of your replacement window will require little cleaning. Vinyl is designed to resist the effects of UV radiation and maintains a consistent color to its core, meaning it is unlikely to fade and scratches will be virtually unnoticeable. In addition to their increased heat conduction, some metals are prone to corrosion over time. Wood replacement windows offer a beautiful appearance, but they too can warp, shrink, or expand with changing weather and moisture conditions.

Vinyl continues to be the most sought-after material for homeowners today. Visit Wallside Windows online to explore our wide selection of vinyl replacement windows. We offer 21 different trim colors and interior wood molding to enhance the appearance of your new replacement windows. Contact us at (313) 908-5243 to schedule a consultation today.