Tips for Keeping Your New Vinyl Replacement Windows in Great Shape through the Years

The beauty of choosing vinyl replacement windows is that vinyl is a relatively low-maintenance material. Today's technology allows vinyl to resist the effects of ultraviolet radiation and be incredibly easy to clean. Vinyl also never needs to be sanded, stained, or painted. These benefits make vinyl replacement windows a great choice for homeowners who do not want to spend a lot of time on maintenance in order to enjoy a more efficient home.

Clean Your Vinyl Windows Regularly
One of the key advantages to having a vinyl replacement window is that cleaning is an absolute breeze. Vinyl does not attract a large amount of soil and dust, but when you do want to clean your vinyl frame, all you need is a wet cloth. For heavier jobs, gentle soap and a sponge will do the job just as well.

Cleaning the windows themselves can be done with a streak-free window cleaner and soft cloth. Paper towels can be used but are sometimes abrasive, so it is generally a good idea to choose a lint-free cloth for window cleaning. You can ask your replacement window contractor if they have recommendations for products or techniques as well.

Use the Convenient Tilting Feature
Many of today's quality replacement windows come with a unique feature that makes them easy to clean. The window sashes tilt inward, which allows homeowners to easily clean both sides of the window without having to exit their homes or climb on ladders. Even double-hung replacement windows often offer this feature for both sashes.

Clean your windows as needed, but give them attention approximately once a month to ensure that they maintain their beautiful appearance and clarity. This will help them serve you beautifully for many years to come.

If you would like to learn more about caring for your vinyl replacement windows, contact Wallside Windows in Detroit at (313) 908-5243. We can help you find the perfect replacement windows that will be low-maintenance and keep their beauty for a long time.

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