Holiday Window Decoration Ideas

Window being painted by hand When it comes time to decorate for the holidays, be it Halloween, Christmas, or anything else your family may celebrate, there’s a lot that has to go into it around the house - but have you considered your windows? Whether you have new vinyl windows or the windows that came with your home, there’s plenty of ways to make your windows just as festive as the rest of your home.

Stickers and Clings You probably haven’t thought about these since you were a little kid, but there’s still plenty of options out there for easy, removable window clings to help get you in the holiday spirit! Holiday- or party-themed retailers will offer a wide variety of vinyl static-based window clings that will hold tight to your windows through the whole season without any mess or cleanup!

Window Paint Or if you prefer something a little more personalized, there’s plenty of options to paint directly on the window! Tempera paint provides a safe and easy to clean option for painting directly on the window pane, allowing you to paint pumpkins, turkeys, Santa Claus, or anything else you want directly on the window for a more personalized look - and you can wash them right off when you’re done! This might be a fun project for the kids to get in on to help them feel like they’ve had a hand in the decorations!

Repurpose Other Decorations or Items Why stop at just using items intended for windows? Depending on the shape and layout of your windows and the rooms they hang in, you can take other decorations and re-use them on your windows instead. String garland and Christmas tree ornaments along the tops of your window panes, or re-use holiday-themed table settings to create impromptu window treatments.

Don’t just stop here - there’s plenty of decorations that you can use to make your windows just as festive and decorated as the rest of your home during the holiday seasons!