Are You Prepared for a Big Storm This Winter?

Small residential street during a snowstormYour home is prepared and your car is ready to go with snow tires. However, if there is a big snow storm that lasts for several days, how prepared are you and your family? The weather is unpredictable and, if you wait to prepare for a storm when you hear about it, you and your family could be left in the dark. By preparing ahead of time, you are ensuring the safety of yourself and your family.

Water and Food During the winter months, you will want to keep several gallons of water and extra food on hand for emergencies. For each family member, you should count on at least a gallon of water each day. If you have a family of four, consider having at least twenty gallons on hand for emergency use, or maybe a little extra for necessities like flushing the toilet. As for food, be sure that you have several days’ worth of food. Canned food is often best, as you can heat it on the grill if you are without power. You must also think of storing extra food for your pets during this time as well.

Batteries Flashlights are only good as long as the batteries last. Stocking up on batteries is a must if you don’t want to be left in the dark. Be sure that each family member has their own flashlight for emergencies only. These should be kept out of reach for everyday usage, but close enough to get to in an actual emergency situation. If you have a battery operated radio, but sure that you plan on stocking enough for the radio as you will want to keep updated about the storm.

Heat Source If you do not have a generator, consider an alternative source of heat to use when you are without power. Many people hire a professional to install a wood stove in their home, but this must first be approved through your insurance company. The important thing to remember is that safety is a must. Many types of heaters can put you and your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, so always be sure that the source of heating that you are using is safe. The best investment may be the generator that you have been putting off.

Winter often brings large storms that can knock out the power. By keeping the above things in mind, you and your family will be safe and warm.