Decorating for Cold Weather

Home window in winter time decorated with a lantern and pine needles The arrival of autumn often ignites the excitement and anticipation associated with the upcoming holidays. The crispness in the air reminds us that cooler days and nights are quickly approaching. You can implement certain decorating ideas and include specific accessories in your autumn decor that will make your home feel warm and cozy.

Layering accessories Just as layering clothing in the winter is a fashionable and practical way to keep warm, layering accessories in your home can create visual and physical warmth. If your decor doesn't include rugs, now would be a good time to add some to each room. If your decor already includes rugs, you can add another layer of rugs to help insulate a room and update the decor. Faux fur rugs are great for layering on top of almost any type of rug. They have a unique ability to complement most decors.

Blankets and throws are a cold weather essential. There are a variety of ways to make them a part of your layered-look decor. You can stack them in an armoire and leave the door open so their beauty becomes part of your decor. You might want to display them on a decorative ladder, place them across chairs or on the beds or stack them neatly on a trunk or bench.

If you notice cold air coming in your windows as the outside temperature drops, you can layer your window treatments to keep a room warmer. With all of the busyness that surrounds the holidays, you may not want to begin any type of home improvement project. However, as soon as possible, you might want to arrange to have vinyl replacement windows installed to increase the efficiency of your home. Your layered window treatments can still be a decorative part of your decor.

Adding warming accessories If your home doesn't have a fireplace, adding a free-standing fireplace to a room would increase its comfort level. Arrange your furniture so that you have a cozy conversation area or reading area near the fireplace. Incorporating candles, lamps and string lights into your decor will warm the atmosphere of your home. Changing the wall art in your home is an easy way to keep your decor fresh and seasonal. For fall and winter, you might want choose abstract designs that include autumn colors or scenic designs that depict the beauty the fall and winter season has to offer.