Tips to Use Storage Space in a Small Kitchen


Living with a small kitchen can be tough. Countertops can become overcrowded, which leaves less room for food preparation. However, there is a solution for homeowners as most kitchens do not take advantage of the vertical space. The following are some tips to help you organize and decorate using the vertical space in your own kitchen: Floating Shelves Floating shelves can be placed almost anywhere in your kitchen, including on the sides of cabinets. Those that are closest to your workspace can hold items that you normally place on your countertops. This will free up that space for your food prep.

Vertical Wall-Mounted Spice Rack For those who love to use spices in their cooking, finding the right spice in an overcrowded cabinet can be tough. Instead, place a vertical wall-mounted spice rack on the wall in your kitchen. Not only will it help you to stay organized, it may just give you more inspiration when cooking.

Wire Shelves in Cupboards If you look in your cupboards, you will most likely find a lot of wasted space above the area where your items are stored. If you place wire shelves in your cupboards, you can store two or three times as many items inside and it will give you the opportunity to be more organized.

Hanging Pot Rack To free up some of your cupboard space, consider hanging a large pot rack above the island in your kitchen. This will get your pots and pans organized and can put everything you need to cook a fabulous meal right in front of you.

Unused Window Space Another way to organize your kitchen is to place a tool rack horizontally in front of your window. This rack can hold your kitchen tools, like spatulas and spoons, and provide you with more space. It can also help to create the atmosphere you want for your kitchen by placing your most useful tools in sight while still allowing the view through your window.

A small kitchen is not hard to live with when you factor in the vertical space that is available. It is simply a matter of using your own imagination to figure out the best way to utilize it.