Fast and Efficient: Why Wallside Installation is #1

Wallside Windows' motivational mantra. If there’s one thing we know at Wallside, it’s windows. Along with hand-crafting dozens of styles and custom-fit replacement windows, designing breakthrough advances in insulation technology at our factory, and giving back to the community, a leading proficiency of Wallside’s services is providing the best window installation service in Michigan. Here we breakdown the installation process and explain why there’s none other than Wallside who does it best.

We Know the Area The process of dislodging old battered windows and replacing them with new ones is a massive undertaking for your average window installer - but we’re not average. After working with the layout of Michigan and Ohio home designs for over 70 years, we know how to swiftly, carefully, and efficiently navigate your house so that the least possible amount of accidents occur.

Quick, Thorough Clean-Up With the job taking us no longer than a day’s time on average, we have the installation process down to a science. First things first, we’ll lay out a large expanse of tarp over all areas where debris, garbage, and dangerous or messy materials are on the scene. Dust particles are not to be worried about, either, as we bring vacuums with us to ensure pesky scraps of litter are wiped clean. Lastly, we’ll take care of your current stop molding and substitute it out with pine or oak varieties.

Meticulous Testing/Measuring It’s one thing to install windows. With Wallside, we aim for more than just doing the job - we want to enhance your home’s value and insulation performance. So, after your new replacement windows are installed, we give a roundup examination for each freshly installed window, looking to ensure it is properly fitted, the open-and-close functionality is up to par, there are no gaps, and that sufficient caulk has been implemented for optimal energy efficiency. Lastly, we’re open to any questions you may have concerning what needs to be done for proper window upkeep and the options you have for future window installations by Wallside.

Genuine Courtesy Some contractors give you only a vague frame of time for when they’ll arrive at your home, which can be frustrating. It’s part of Wallside’s credo to give you a ring you the moment we leave for the job so that you have a fair notice of our arrival.