Decorative Accent Ideas for New Homeowners

Velvet blue window drapesUpon purchasing a new home, homeowners are posed with a blank canvas of opportunities for decoration. Starting fresh like this is usually a step into foreign territory for first-time homeowners; so, for this reason, we assembled some of the most widely popular, affordable decorative accents to get your inspiration flowing and help you get your house to look the way you want.

Kitchen Backsplash There’s no better way to spice up a kitchen than to vivify its walls with backsplash. Experiment with various tile materials and design patterns to make the room pop the way you’ve always wanted it to. Depending on your expertise, you may want to consider hiring a professional contractor to ensure the smoothest job possible; however, if you’re willing to take on the project yourself, you can save yourself a hefty sum of cash.

Fountain Waterfall Fountain waterfalls are an excellent way to add a serene, zen-like touch to an interior space or backyard patio. The calming sound of the waterfall’s stream offers a tranquil atmosphere to wherever it is placed and can balance out high-stress zones such as a work office or bustling kitchen.

Curtains and Draperies Curtains and draperies are renowned for their multi-function versatility and beautifying perks. For any homeowner, energy insulation is a paramount concern. On top of purchasing energy-efficient replacement windows, curtains and draperies are excellent modalities to conserve heat, manage airflow, and control the inflow of natural light. As far as design goes, there’s literally hundreds of styles, fabrics, sizes, and combinations to choose from to ultimately vivify your home’s flair.

Wall Clocks Sure, the convenience of today’s smartphone somewhat voids the necessity of a wall clock; but still, even back in the day when they were the sole gadget for telling the time, clocks were also cherished for their grandiose design and classic sophistication. Due to the sheer practicality and function of them, wall clocks are timeless additions to any room.

Paintings Most interior designers will argue that each room has a certain feel or emotive atmosphere to it. For example, living rooms are said to radiate a warm, inviting glow whereas spaces such as the kitchen annunciate an exciting, homey appeal. Alas, the trick with implementing a painting to a room is to match the color scheme and visual aesthetic. Family Picture Frames Our friends and family are the people we rely on most to brighten up our day. They’re the people that make us the happiest, so why not surround ourselves with pictures of them? Break out the scrapbook to curate the most cheerful photos of you and your dearest friends to adorn your walls. Measure these, then recruit a frame with a design that you think captures the picture’s sentiment. Adorning your home with your close ones brings in a comforting, warm quality to your home environment.