Solutions to Spotty Home Wi-Fi Signal

Light blue wi-fi icon.Out of all the household maintenance issues, fixing shoddy Wi-Fi connection might be the most tiresome of the bunch. Additionally, with the majority of today’s daily functions and communication dependent on the internet, maintaining a strong wireless signal is important as ever. Many households suffer from inconsistent, spotty service - or just poor signal overall - and we feel your pain. Because of this, we’ve put together a guide of solutions for those times when your home’s Wi-Fi just won’t comply. Where’s Your Router Located? The location of your home’s router plays a vital role in determining the internet quality. Because a router’s reach is limited, the best technique to ensure everyone has access is to hook it up in the home’s central location. For the greatest distribution of service, place it in an open space so that the signal isn’t blocked by any hindrances in the home’s architecture or design. Ultimately, the location that provides peak service will vary for each house, but after testing enough variations out the best spot should be easily identified.

Invest in a Wi-Fi Extender/Booster/Accelerator Sometimes, the challenges posed by a home’s interior can extremely limit the potentials for its Wi-Fi signal. By investing in a Wi-Fi booster, your wireless signal will see a dramatic spike in signal and overall improve the user-experience for each internet-supported device. Prices for Wi-Fi enhancers float around fifty to one hundred dollars, which, compared to the massive benefits, should make the investment worth it to anyone who spends at least an hour on the internet each day.

It Might be Time for a New Router Every year, technology outdoes itself with massive improvements over last year’s hardware. This is no different for routers. If it’s been a few years since you’ve replaced your router or it’s taken a noticeable nosedive in the signal it provides, it may be time for a new one. Learn about advancements in routers by speaking with your cable provider or a trusted source who works in the technology industry.

Brief Solution: Use an Ethernet Cable If, at the moment, you’re unable to resolve the issues with your internet connection, it might do you best to (momentarily) hold off from using Wi-Fi. Instead, hook up an Ethernet cable from your desktop or laptop for the most direct inflow of internet service. Sure, you’ll be restricted in movement due to being attached to a wire, but if your Wi-Fi signal is that bad and you have to wait a couple days before significant changes can be done, an Ethernet cable is a simple, easy compromise to wait out the storm. If you don’t have one, don’t fret - they can be found either online or at your local convenience store for ten dollars, on average.