Box of Letters: The Wallside Windows factory is built on personal relationships

Over the years, Wallside Windows has earned the trust of many families looking to replace windows in their homes. In doing so, we receive hundreds of wonderful reviews for our work each year. You can read them here. Those words mean a lot to us. Since the beginning, Stanford Blanck has collected and kept the handwritten letters customers sent our way.

Over the years the notes of thanks and appreciation have poured into Wallside Windows from our customers. This is just a sample of a few of the handwritten letters we received - and keep.

Over the years the notes of thanks and appreciation have poured into Wallside Windows from our customers. This is just a sample of a few of the handwritten letters we received - and keep.

Written on pieces of notebook paper, typed out on letterhead, or handwritten in colorful cards, these notes came into the Wallside Factory from all sort of homeowners. Some live in high-rise condos. Others carefully restored historic or art deco homes all over Michigan and Ohio.

While we can talk about how much we value customer service or the effort we take to ensure quality and efficiency in our windows. We could boast about the professionalism of our sales staff, or how crews will work, even in extreme weather, but it makes more sense to reflect on what customers experience - in their own words.

Here are just a few examples from the countless notes we’ve received:

You’ve done it again. The first time was 19 years ago when we had Wallside install 12 windows in our home. In one day, the old ones were removed and the new windows installed. Through the years we have depended on the warranty to replace fogged glass. Good to your word, there was no charge and no hassle.” – Marshall P.

“In this era of inferior quality materials and shoddy workmanship, it was a pleasure watching your men at work!” – Wilford P.

“I just love my new sunroom windows … no more drafty air leaks. Please include me as another one of your ‘satisfied Wallside customers!’” – Deborah B.

“Initially I had an installation date of June 2, 1998 for new windows, however my home was broken into on May 21, 1998. Upon calling the Factory to attempt to receive an earlier installation date due to security reasons, Carrie immediately (without giving me the expected spiel about “there’s nothing we can do,”) Carrie sprung into action.  … After speaking with the foreman she came back to the phone with the date of May 28, 1998. I was completely satisfied with that but Carrie didn’t stop there, it’s like she totally understood my situation and definitely could empathize with me. She asked if she could call me back. When she did 15 minutes later she told me that she could have my new windows installed on May 26, 1998 (the day after Memorial holiday). In closing I would like to reiterate how extremely happy and satisfied with the service that I have received. And just think I don’t even have my windows yet and all ready you have a very satisfied customer.” – Julie M.

“In our busy world today sometimes people do not take the time to give thanks when thanks are due. Please convey our thanks to your employees.” – Don and Nancy G.

“I have dealt with many builders and contracting companies in my career as a lawyer over the last 24+ years and I have, frankly, never encountered such a high quality of service, cooperative staff, and support of follow-up with a sales team that you and your company have provided.” – Matt Z.

“I know that having an excellent product, state of the art manufacturing, top notch quality control make for happy customers, success, and high profitability. And I know, Mr. (Stanford) Blanck, this is where you succeed, and rightfully so. You and your family would not have lasted for decades with the wrong formula, shoddy workmanship and high-stakes fired-up sales sharks. So please accept my personal thank you form my wife and myself for a job well done. We are sold on Wallside. And I appreciate your sense of humor too.” –  Don H.

“Wallside had something special going on form the moment I called inquiring, the girls on the other end of that phone were courteous and really cared about the bad experience I just had with (a competitor). Next, you came along on the cold wintry day, you explained everything so perfectly and finally that big truck shows up with installers who respected every aspect of my home and installed beautiful windows like you said. Thank you, Stephen! Thank you for your honesty and recommendations. Everything is perfect, just as you said it would be. I have told many of my friends about my experience with Wallside windows and I certainly will continue to spread the good news.” – Laura M.

“Can I call you Stan? After the wonderful experience I have had with your staff and installers, I feel comfortable enough to call you Stan, no disrespect. … Your gals in scheduling were so sweet and accommodating. Without getting frustrated, they worked around my scheduling at least 2-3 times. Then Stan, your installers showed up last Saturday and let me tell you … It was so bitter cold, I figured they would cancel. They called on their way over at 7:15 a.m., (which I didn’t hear the phone ring) and were on the job about 7;30 a.m. They wouldn’t as much take a cup of coffee. You should be so proud of your team because I was totally impressed. Doug, Gabe, and Scott did a phenomenal job, never stopping to sip a pop. They overdid the call of duty and never complained. I never dreamed I would have so much fun with a crew of guys when we were all freezing. They worked nonstop. I will tell everyone I hear of that wants new windows to call Wallside. If you’re ever in the area drive by and see how adorable my little house is! Thanks so much, I wish I would’ve done it 10 years ago.” – Betsy P.

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