Winter weather doesn’t stop Wallside Windows installers

This winter, Michigan and Ohio meteorologists use the word “warm” when temperatures hit 20 degrees. Make no mistake: It is COLD outside.

Wallside Windows works year-round to install our high-quality windows - yes even if it’s snowing.

Wallside Windows works year-round to install our high-quality windows - yes even if it’s snowing.

Think that means putting off a chance to replace your old windows? Think again.

Hefty wind chills and lows dropping below zero don’t stop us at Wallside Windows. We work year-round - whether it’s manufacturing our popular double hung windows at our Taylor, Mich., factory or installing new windows in your home.

“The goal is to use the best products so we don't have issues down the road,” said Operations Manager Dave Ball of Wallside Windows.

And those windows come with a 35-year guarantee. That means using vinyl, which doesn’t rot, blister or peel, compared to other materials that won’t last. Wood can rot and steel can rust over time. Incorporating energy-efficient glass, all Wallside Windows products meet the updated EnergyStar® Version 6.0 requirements in the Northern Climate Zone.

Our windows are built to last and withstand the harshest of elements – even tough winter weather. Dave mentioned that even the caulk our installers use made is of the high quality so it can be applied it even when it’s raining or snowing.

“It’s about using the right materials and the right products to get longevity,” he said.

Once you decide it’s time for new windows, there is no need to worry – or wait. We can install them any time of year.

Wallside is committed to our customers. Installation can carry on in almost any weather. The only hindrance? If it’s snowing so much that the roads prevent our crews from traveling, or temperatures dip to extremes, there could be a slight delay. But Wallside is dedicated to customer service and we will work with you to get your new windows installed ASAP.

“We will work in most any circumstances,” Dave said. “Typical winter weather doesn't affect whether we do the job or not.”

If you are having windows installed this winter, just be sure to take the usual precautions. Clearing the area and remove items from off of the wall. We’ll take care of the rest. Homeowners can plan ahead by relocating to a different part of the house so any cold air coming in during installation doesn’t affect the environment or their families.

Winter may be an ideal time for some of our customers. The lead time may be shorter from estimate to installation. And it’s a great time to make the most of winter deals.

This January every second window is free and we offer an extra 18 percent off cash purchases or offer 5 years of interest-free financing. Call today to schedule your free estimate with Wallside.