Are Your Old Windows Wasting Your Money?

Glass is an excellent conductor of heat, permitting energy to leak through them easily. Most older windows are made from only a single pane and placed in aluminum frames, which further decreases their already abysmal energy efficiency. Today's homes can lose anywhere from 20 to 30 percent of their heating and cooling energy through their windows and doors. Replacement windows are designed to address the problems found in many older windows.

  • Because window glass conducts heat so efficiently, industry experts have likened an inefficient window to a two-inch gap in your home's wall that freely lets air escape. This severely compromises your energy efficiency. When you have inefficient windows, your heating and cooling system has to work overtime to make your home comfortable. Your HVAC system consumes excess energy, which results in high utility costs.
  • R-value is a measure of resistance to heat loss, and U-factor measures emissivity. Old windows have poor R- and U-values because they are composed of single panes of untreated glass, which are susceptible to heat transfer and absorption. Energy-efficient windows’ low emissivity prevents heat energy from being transmitted through the window, separating the environment inside your home from the ambient temperature outside.
  • Old windows readily conduct heat and transfer energy. Replacement windows are designed to resist both transfer and absorption, preserving the interior temperature of your home while resisting changes due to outside weather. By using low-e coatings, gas spacers, treated glass, and other technological advances, replacement windows help keep your home more comfortable and save you money.

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