What the Intercept Spacer System Means for Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Spacers, which separate panes of glass, are integral parts of energy-efficient replacement windows. Spacer systems need to have a few qualities in order to be effective and augment the energy efficiency of replacement windows. For example, if the sealant in a rigid spacer is allowed to flex, the seal between panes can become compromised. This reduces its energy efficiency. The Intercept Spacer System uses "warm-edge" technology to allow the spacer itself to flex during temperature changes, preserving the integrity of the sealant and keeping replacement windows energy-efficient at all times. How Temperature Changes Affect Windows Multi-pane replacement windows use spacers between each pane of glass to create a gap that is either filled with air or inert gases, which reduces heat conduction and improves the thermal performance of the window. To prevent condensation and keep these spaces filled with gas, spacers are sealed in place. In some replacement windows, the spacers are rigid and do not allow natural flexion that happens when temperatures change. This allows the sealant to flex and eventually causes it to fail. The Intercept Spacer System is designed to flex with the window during temperature swings. This eliminates the force on the sealant itself, preserving the energy efficiency of the replacement window in all seasons.

How Warm-Edge Technology Works Most modern replacement windows include spacers in their multi-paned designs, but the best use warm-edge spacers like Intercept. To get the most out of your replacement window investment and allow them to continue performing admirably for many years to come, make sure to purchase windows with warm-edge spacers.

Wallside Windows proudly installs Intercept Warm Edge Spacers, which improve the insulating value, structural integrity, and overall energy performance of our windows. Visit us online to learn more about the Intercept System or contact us at (313) 908-5243 today.

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