What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempering is a process of heating a pane of glass and then quickly cooling it. This hardens the glass, or tempers it. Tempered glass is being used in many of today's replacement windows because they carry several benefits. Tempering strengthens the glass and makes it more resistant to shattering. If it does break, it does not come apart in large jagged shards, which are very dangerous. Instead, is designed to fall apart in small pebble-like pieces without any sharp edges. Tempered glass with coatings, such as those used in replacement windows, can also avoid shattering entirely and remain within the window frame, held by the film. The Tempering Process

Just like automotive glass, many types of tempered glass actually consist of several sheets of glass sandwiched together. A layer of polyvinyl butyral is placed between these sheets and baked with the glass. This laminated glass heating process makes glass stronger and even more resistant to shattering.

Where Tempered Glass Is Used

Tempered glass is ideal for anywhere safety is an issue, such as government buildings or areas with hazards. It is also required by law in some areas. Bathroom windows near tubs and showers must have tempered glass installed. All glass within 18 inches of the floor must also be tempered. By choosing tempered glass for your windows, you not only gain the benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows but the peace of mind that comes with having strong and safe glass in place on your property.

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