Window Warranties: Why Do You Want One?

Updating your home’s windows is a worthwhile investment for several reasons, including greater comfort, enhanced beauty, and increased value for your home. Even though you may spend a considerable amount on a house-full of high-end windows, you should know that any replacement window is only as good as the warranty that backs it up. Take a look at why window warranties are so important, and how they should affect your decision to purchase replacement windows.

  • Purchasing replacement windows for your Detroit-area home is a lot like buying a new car. While you wouldn’t necessarily expect mechanical or performance issues early in the vehicle’s life, you wouldn’t buy a car without a warranty of some kind. Windows work the same way—many different factors can affect the quality of a window, including the strength of its thermal seal, installation method, and even how it’s transported.
  • Window warranties are a great way to ensure that your windows are always protected from any unexpected problems that may arise. But most importantly, a warranty is a promise from the manufacturer that the windows you purchase will be nearly perfect and will provide decades of guaranteed performance and protection from wind, rain, snow, and sun. Window warranties are the manufacturer’s way of telling you that your money is being spent wisely and with the long-term health of your home in mind.
  • At Wallside Windows, we firmly believe our extruded vinyl replacement windows are the best around. That’s why we’re willing to stand behind the quality of our windows for 35 years after installation. When you purchase windows from Wallside, your windows are guaranteed against all types of damage, including seal failure, warping, chipping, rusting, and more. This warranty is transferable, which is great if you expect to sell your home in the near future.

To learn more about the Wallside Windows Factory Guarantee, call Wallside Windows today at (313) 292-4400. We’ve been selling the highest quality windows in the Detroit area for nearly 70 years. Call today to see why we’re Detroit’s number-one choice for replacement windows.