The Problems with Old Windows and How New Window Technology Can Help

Your home’s windows provide more than a nice view and curb appeal. They also offer functional advantages that diminish as the health of your window deteriorates. If your home’s windows are old, drafty, and unattractive, it’s time consider new replacement windows from Wallside Windows. If your windows are showing the following signs, start shopping for replacements.

  • Draftiness: If walking past your windows feels like stepping outside on a chilly winter morning, replacing them is absolutely necessary. Drafts will not only make your home uncomfortable but also increase your monthly energy costs. Drafty windows can make your home’s heating system work harder to keep your home warm, which means greater energy consumption and higher bills. If the window’s panes are always foggy or full of condensation, they are no longer insulating properly. New vinyl replacement windows from Wallside Windows are great insulators, which means fewer drafts, greater comfort, and lower energy costs.
  • Warping and Jamming: Older windows can also be difficult to open and close. Windows that have been exposed to years of harsh Michigan weather and sunlight can warp or corrode, making everyday operation more difficult. Wallside’s extruded vinyl windows are lightweight and easy to open and close. Plus, extruded vinyl is very durable, which means your new windows will work better for longer.
  • Cleaning Difficulties: Many homeowners have old single-hung or slider windows that are impossible to clean without hiring a professional window cleaning service or renting a power washer. If easy cleaning is important to you, you’ll love Wallside Windows’ swing-in or removable window sashes. These features allow you to clean your windows quickly and easily from the inside of your home.

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