Why You Should Always Contact the Pros When It Comes to Your Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are beautiful, adding unique touches to your home. Installing bay and bow windows requires significant remodeling; therefore, it's important to have a professional install these types of windows. They protrude from the surface of your home, and in order to gain the maximum benefit of energy efficiency, they must be installed precisely and correctly. They need to be correctly supported structurally, as well, making it all the more important to use an experienced replacement window installer.

Specialty Windows
Many homeowners elect to have flat picture windows replaced with bay or bow windows instead. Bay windows typically consist of at least three sections, with a larger picture window in the center section. The end sections can be casement windows, offering operation for ventilation, or they can be fixed. Bow windows are slightly different, and often consist of additional sections. They curve gently, offering a more rounded appearance. The structural requirements of bay windows and the curves of bow windows require the experience and exactness that only a professional installation can provide.

Extra Options
A custom window installer can provide additional features for your window. Your bay or bow can be of a custom size, and not just in sections—you can choose the size of each section, the angle of the bow, and more. Many quality replacement window installers offer other extras such as windowsills and seats for the inside of these beautiful, unique windows.

Enjoy a new beautiful bay or bow window installed by Wallside Windows. Visit us online to see what we can do to beautify your home, or give us a call at (313) 908-5243 to learn about all the options that can come with these stunning replacement windows.

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