How Do Triple Pane Windows Provide Superior Energy Efficiency?

Replacement windows are typically double-paned at minimum, and offer a large boost in energy efficiency. However, there is another replacement window option — triple-paned glass in high-quality vinyl or wood frames. Multi-paned glass offers additional insulation space that is filled with air or inert gases. It simply adds another layer of highly effective barriers that prevent heat transfer. Replacement windows can boost a home's energy efficiency by around 30 percent, and triple-paned glass gives the maximum benefit. Benefits of Multiple Panes

Glass conducts heat quite readily, which is why single-paned windows are so inefficient. Double-paned glass introduces a layer of airspace between panes, and insulating gases like argon can help reduce heat transfer. By adding a second layer of gas and a third pane of glass, the energy efficiency of a replacement window is further increased. These windows act as thermal barriers, and when combined with advanced technology like glazing and low-E coatings, they become energy efficiency powerhouses.

Advantages to Homeowners

Older homes with original single-paned windows can see the maximum boost in energy efficiency by having triple-paned replacement windows installed. Still, almost all homeowners can enjoy increased comfort and reduced utility bills by installing triple-paned replacement windows. Energy-efficient windows help eliminate hot and cold spots, drafts, and lessen the load on your HVAC system. The more effective the window, the greater the benefits you and your family will see. This is why triple-paned replacement windows can offer the maximum amount of energy efficiency possible.

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