What You Can Learn From the Professionals About Decorating

Woman lying by paint cans to redecorate homeWhile everyone wishes they could afford to hire a professional decorator to decorate their homes, for most people, it is just not possible. Instead of looking like it should be in a magazine, the home becomes an array of mismatched items. However, just because you cannot afford the services of a decorator doesn’t mean your home cannot look like it was decorated by a professional. You can learn a lot from a professional about decorating by simply paying attention. The first thing a professional decorator will do is a walk-through of your home. On this walk-through, they are looking for a couple of things. The first is your preference in color. Walk through your home and see what colors that you have leaned toward. You may say that you prefer more earthy tones, but if you see brightly colored pillows and paintings on the wall, you may actually prefer the bold and beautiful.

A professional is also going to look at the things you have in your home. You need to do this with a critical eye as well. What is it that you have in your home that you really like? Is it the antique clock on the wall? The display of family pictures? You must then ask yourself the opposite. What do you have in your home that you do not like? Your first step is to remove the items that you really do not like and utilize the items you do like in your décor.

If you are unsure of what you like or don’t like in your home or you are starting with a clean slate, start looking through magazines and save the pictures of the rooms you like. This is going to give you a better idea of where you should start in decorating your own home. Many professional decorators keep a folder of unique decorating designs that they can show their clients so they can incorporate them into different looks.

You may still wish that you could hire a professional decorator for your home, but the one thing you can be certain of is that you can learn a lot from the professional by reading their blogs and magazines. The real key to your success in decorating your own home is to be true to yourself on what you like and what you don’t like. Too many times, people just decorate their homes based on what others like and they never actually put a part of themselves into it at all.