Preparing Your Vehicle for Cold Weather

Car covered in snow during winter As soon as the cold weather arrives, people start talking about the best way to prepare their homes for winter. You have to have your heating system inspected, and you have to weatherproof your windows. However, the one thing that is often ignored is the vehicle. Before winter arrives, think about what you should do to prepare your vehicle for the cold weather. The fact is that if you don’t prepare your car for winter, you may just find yourself without wheels when you need them the most.


Without a good battery, you are out of luck. Before cold weather arrives, have your battery checked to make sure it will survive the cold. If it is not holding a charge, it will not get your through the winter. The battery connections should also be checked for corrosion and cleaned if necessary.


If you do not have the right amount of antifreeze in your radiator, your car is going to freeze up. If you have not had your radiator flushed and new antifreeze put in over the last two years, now is the time.


While you should always follow the recommendations for oil changes on your vehicle, it is important to make sure your engine is ready to go during the winter. In fact, you may wish to consider having it changed right before winter and use a winter ready oil if you live in a colder climate.


The tires on your vehicle are important, but even more so in the winter. If your treads are worn, they are not going to be able to get a grip in the snow and you will be sliding all over the place. Depending on the amount of snow expected, you may want to consider special snow tires to get you through the winter.


If your heater is not working properly, defrosting windows in cold weather is going to be difficult. Your heater is also important to keep you and your passengers warm.

Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers will help to keep the windshield clear of ice and snow. If they are not working properly, it will put you at risk of an accident as you will not be able to see properly in bad weather. Consider replacing them just before winter arrives. If keeping your family safe and warm is your goal this winter, do not forget your vehicle. The above tips will keep your car ready to go whenever you need to go out in the cold.