What to Expect from a Quality Window Installation Company

Make sure an experienced, reputable window company installs your replacement windows. After all, properly installed windows can improve the energy efficiency of your home and raise the value of your property. Use the following consumer tips to evaluate prospective replacement window contractors.

  • Accessible Experts: The best window contractors are always ready to help their customers. Your window contractor should be readily available by phone or online to answer questions about the job. A quality window contractor will also be prepared to answer all of your questions with detailed explanations. Consider preparing a list of sample questions to test a contractor’s expertise.
  • Detailed Installations: Unprofessional contractors cut corners and save costs with inconsistent installation methods. Ask potential contractors to go over their installation method with you step-by-step. The contractor should be able to describe their process for removing current windows, repairing the wall, and installing the new replacement windows and provide an accurate timeframe for their work.
  • Local Manufacturers: Established, veteran replacement contractors are able to build their own high-quality windows. In-house window construction allows your contractor to deliver the best product at the cheapest price.  Plus, an investment in companies like Wallside Windows is an investment in your local economy.
  • Reliable Guarantees: Reliable window contractors stand by their work. Be sure to compare the guarantees offered by different window companies before making a decision. A long warranty can increase the value of your home and provide peace of mind. Read the warranty before signing and check for complete covered—the windows should at least be covered against seal failures, rust, and chipping damage.

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