Exploring Your Decorative Glass Options

Decorative glass is a fantastic special touch to add to your home’s exterior. In fact, the right choice in decorative glass can improve privacy, boost curb appeal, and enhance the performance of your replacement windows. Explore your decorative glass options with this overview of Wallside Windows’ diverse selection.

  • Unique Textures: Windows are typically flat, clear surfaces—attractive frames may enhance your home, but the glass itself is quite boring. You can add interesting textures to your new replacement windows by working with Wallside Windows. A translucent pebble finish, for example, is one of the most popular window textures available. This texture is often reserved for bathrooms and shower doors, but the same texture could add a unique visual element to your home exterior.
  • Elegant Etches: Textures aren’t the only option for adding refinement to your windows. Artisan etched glass brings truly sophisticated style to your home. Simple line patterns and frames also add a refined sense of depth to your exterior. Etched glass helps to improve your interior as well. Natural light, refracted through etched glass, creates a dazzling indoor display. You can also match your etched glass to existing window treatments and decor.
  • Complementary Shades: Expert glass installers can darken your window glass as well. Gray glass is a great choice for improving the privacy of your home. Plus, this darkened glass can keep out pesky UV rays and solar heat. Darkened glass is also a great option for complementing your home’s paint job. A bold contrast between your windows and siding will cause exterior colors to pop.

Offering a fine selection of glass is just one of the ways that Wallside Windows outdoes the competition. Find out why we are Michigan’s favorite replacement window company by calling us at (313) 908-5243. You can also browse our glass designs with a trip to our website.

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