We Are The Factory: Wallside employee takes trendy jewelry to new heights

In just 2 years, Wallside Windows will celebrate its 75th anniversary. What’s the secret to our company’s longevity? We think it’s our people — like Gail Klenczar.

Gail Klenzar shows off her handmade earrings, and sells them as part of How They Hangin’ – a business she was inspired to create while working at Wallside Windows.

Gail Klenzar shows off her handmade earrings, and sells them as part of How They Hangin’ – a business she was inspired to create while working at Wallside Windows.

Klenczar joined our Wallside family just over 3 years ago. As a customer service representative, she is responsible for scheduling appointments for Wallside technicians, answering customer phone calls and emails and addressing customer questions and concerns.

These are all skills she honed in her 24-year career handling customer service and sales in the airline industry for companies like Japan Airlines and Northwest Airlines.

What keeps her with Wallside?

“I love the company!” she said emphatically. “I love what they believe in. I love how they stand behind their products and their warranty. I just think it’s a fabulous company.”

Klenczar truly enjoys a great working relationship with the Blanck family. Wallside was founded by Martin Blanck in 1944, and today is run by Martin’s sons, Stanford and Stuart, and grandson Adam Blanck.

“The Blancks are excellent people to work for. They’re very caring and personable, and they treat you like you are family,” she said.

In fact, Adam Blanck even encouraged Klenczar to start her own business.

It all began with a search for unique jewelry. Klenczar wears her hair in a short pixie cut and enjoys wearing unusual earrings to show it off. She had a hard time finding earrings to fit her taste. One day she decided to make her own using a pair of charms she found. When she wore them to the office, she got so many compliments, it inspired her to make her more. She bought more charms and made more earrings.

“One day, Adam said to me, ‘You know, you should sell those,’” said Klenczar. She told him she just made the earrings for herself, but said she would think about it.

“I thought about it for about a day, and then I just said ‘Well, let me try this.’”


Klenczar’s earrings — she calls them “ear bling” — typically feature whimsical, bedazzled charms. Customers can adorn their earlobes with miniature Eiffel towers, cameos and tiny glass bottles filled with gold “wishing dust,” as well as a variety of animals, both real and imaginary: unicorns, flamingos, dragons, turtles and even sheep.

At first, Klenczar just sold earrings to her coworkers. Then she made a page for her business — How They Hangin’? — on Facebook. Now, she has customers across the country and even as far away as China. She also sells them at a salon, Volumė, in Oak Park.

Klenczar sells more than 200 styles of earrings, and many of them are one-of-a-kind — not unlike Klenczar herself.

“Gail brings a fun-loving attitude to everything, from providing great service to our customers in our service department to bringing in treats for her co-workers,” said Adam Blanck. “Gail is a great asset to the Wallside Family.” 

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