Want a Green Lawn This Spring? What You Need to Do Now

Want a Green Lawn This Spring? What You Need to Do Now With the arrival of colder weather, everyone is rushing to prepare for the winter. Their cars are being winterized and their furnaces are being inspected. However, one thing that often gets forgotten is the lawn. When spring arrives, if you want a beautiful green lawn, there are some things you must do now. The following will make sure your lawn is healthy and green in the spring:

Removal of Leaves

As the last leaves fall from the trees, you need to be certain that they are removed from your lawn. If the leaves remain, there are two major things that are going to happen. First, your lawn is going to suffer from mold and bacteria problems. Second, the leaves are going to prevent your lawn from seeing the sun in the spring. Your lawn will not look good if the leaves of autumn are left behind.

Aerate the Lawn

Now is also the best time to aerate the lawn. This is simply a matter of poking holes in your lawn and soil to allow more oxygen, water, and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. If the soil is packed hard, it can make it very difficult for grass to dig in with the roots. This could eventually lead to a sparse lawn and the lush lawn you were hoping for in the spring will not happen.

Reseeding the Lawn

If your lawn has bare spots or areas that are looking pretty dismal, it may be time to reseed your lawn. After removing the leaves, reseed the area and cover with a good layer of hay. Fall is the perfect time for reseeding as there is enough time for the grass to get some strong roots before snow falls.

Fertilize for Spring

Every homeowner should fertilize their lawn at least once per year and the perfect time to do it is in the fall. The fertilizer is going to give your grass the boost it needs to strengthen their roots before cold weather. The stronger roots will give your grass the chance to get off to a greater and greener start in the spring.

While you have a lot of chores involving winterizing your home and vehicles, do not forget about your lawn. When spring arrives and the snow melts, the one thing you want to see is the green, green grass surrounding your home. Not only will your lawn give you enjoyment, but it can be the place that provides you and your family the chance to entertain family and friends.