Home Security for the Holidays

Home Security for the Holidays The holidays are a special time for most people, but in many areas, this is when the crime rate increases. With so many people traveling during the season and so many people buying things like new TVs, phones, jewelry, and electronic gadgets as gifts, thieves often consider the holidays to be a great opportunity to get what they want for nothing. Whether your plans include spending the holidays at home or to go out of town, you need to take some extra special steps in your home security.

Evaluate Your Home

The first step in home security should be a complete evaluation of the home security measures you have already taken. Be sure that doors are locked, especially when you leave. If your windows are old and the locks no longer work, consider vinyl replacement windows. They will have locks that work and can help make your home more secure.

Extension Cords

You may wish to light up your outdoors with all of your newest holiday decor, but if you can’t find an outlet outside, never run your extension cords in through the windows. This is one of the first things a thief will look for. Even one small crack will allow them to lift the window and get into your home.

Holiday Lighting

Your outdoor holiday lights, as well as the lights in your home, should also be set up on an automatic timer. As it gets dark out early, you may not get home from work until well past sunset. An automatic timer system is especially important if you are going out of town. Many thieves will only break into homes that are dark, so having the lights on could prevent your home from being burglarized.

Security Cameras

You may also wish to install security cameras inside and outside of your home. First, a surveillance camera outside your home is going to deter a large majority of potential thieves from even going near your home. Second, if you do have a break-in, you will have it as evidence. However, combined with an active monitored alarm system, the police can be alerted at once. The holidays are a time of year that should be enjoyed. While you may hate to think about this particular matter during a time that is supposed to be filled with beautiful memories, you need to take home security seriously. This is the time of year that crimes are rampant, and you must do whatever you can to protect your family and your home. If not, you could end up with a holiday filled with something other than happy memories.