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We needed three new windows in our house. I got a couple of estimates and Wallside was by far the least expensive. The price looked too good to be true. For my three double hung windows the cost was under $1000. This even included the building permit which alone cost $100. They called by 8am on the day they were to do the install with a time. They showed up on time. At first, one guy in the panel truck showed up and a minute later 5 additional guy showed up. They were swarming like locusts. They covered everything with plastic and cardboard. Each and every guy knew their job. There was very little talking among the crew. I was thinking they would have to pull off the siding around the old windows and remove the moldings on the inside walls. I was totally mistaken. I never had replacement windows installed before and didn't know what to expect. The crew leader said as replacement windows rather than new construction windows, these will fit into the same wood frame that the old windows come out of. They removed all the old windows including the all the old vinyl. All that was left was a bare wood frame and sill. The new window fit inside the existing wood frame and is sealed with insulation. The entire exterior frame of the window was covered in white aluminum including the sill. It took them 1 hour and 15 minutes for the entire job. I was totally impressed. To be honest, the only drawback to replacement windows is that we lost about an inch of viewing glass all the way around. I believe that is because the new frame sits inside of the old window frame. Based on cost and no disruption of my siding or interior molding (including drapery hardware) and looks, I had no problem with that minor drawback. The pre-order sales pitch experience wasn't too bad either. When I called for an appointment, they did want both spouses present. When I said that was not going to happen, they let me make the appointment anyway. The salesman did strongly suggest that I sign up at that time so he did not have to come back out later. Since I was not putting any money down, it wasn't need until the measure crew came out, I was not worried about cancelling if necessary. He said I could cancel by phone up until the time the measure crew came out. Overall, I would highly recommend Wallside Windows.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Cast page at 10/12/12

Reviewed by Andy T.

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