Choosing Which Windows to Replace When You're On a Budget

Sometimes, replacing all of your home’s windows isn’t an option. If this is the case, you may wonder where to start. By taking advantage of attractive offers from window dealers and making efficient choices, homeowners can get great results from replacing just a few windows. Prioritizing which windows you replace produces energy-efficient benefits that result in lower utility bills.

Inefficient Windows

It’s a good idea to replace any single-pane windows in your home first, because these are the most inefficient. Of course, if your home is entirely fitted with single-pane windows, you’re going to need to get a little bit pickier about where to replace.

Important Windows

South-facing windows tend to get maximum sun exposure, so these are the next best candidates. If you find that your homes especially uncomfortable during hot afternoons, you may wish to consider not only south but west-facing windows as well. Another factor to consider is size. Single-pane glass conducts heat rapidly, and a large picture window can be a proportionally-large source of energy loss in your home. Large windows can be replaced with custom replacement windows of the same style, or with multiple replacement windows that fit within the frame.

Affordable Windows

Take advantage of seasonal offerings, especially from factory replacement window dealers. They are able to offer a greater quantity of windows to homeowners at an accessible price, and some deals can enable you to get several windows for the price of one

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