Wallside Windows Review | "Extremely Impressed with the Excellent Job" (313) 908-5243

I called Wallside in October because I wanted to get 3 windows and 2 doorwalls replaced before the Dec 31 energy tax credit deadline.  In the process of shopping for someone to do this work, I talked to 5 different door/window contractors in the area and got quotes from each. The Wallside rep was not the slickest or the best-dressed, but to me he seemed the most honest and down to earth.  Not only that, the Wallside quote was significantly less than all other competitors I talked to.    Also, I like the fact that they make their own windows locally with local people in the factory, instead of outsourcing the work to somewhere cheaper in order to save a few dollars.

So I inked a deal and set up an install date for 3 weeks later.  The installers (just two guys) showed up right on time and got to work immediately.  They started at around 10am and were done by 1pm, and did an absolutely fantastic job.   Even the city inspector that stopped by a month afterward commented on how nice of a job they had done, and he sees a lot of home improvement work.

Before the installers left, they gave me a quick tutorial on how to open, close, and clean the windows and doors, handed me the keys, hauled away all of the old windows and debris, and cleaned everything spotlessly.  I was extremely impressed with the excellent job they did.

Now, my house is much warmer, less drafty, and noticeably quieter. I would recommend Wallside to anyone looking for windows or doorwalls.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on Yelp at 1/21/11

Reviewed by A.W.