Telltale Signs Your Home's Windows Are Ready for Replacement

If your windows are struggling to open, close, or prevent drafts, then it might be time to install replacement windows. Windows that are no longer working optimally could be costing you a lot of money. Keep reading to learn the signs that indicate it’s time for replacement windows: Deteriorated Barrier: Pay attention when you are close to the window. If you can hear outside noises clearly then your windows’ seams and seals are probably starting to fail. Also remember to check for any air drafts when you stand near the glass. One easy way to locate drafts is to hold a lit candle near the seam and see if the flame flickers. Windows that allow excessive air to flow in and out of the house are no longer insulating properly. Replacement windows will keep outside noises outside and the house well insulated.

Aesthetic Imperfections and Wear: Your window frames should not be warping, rotting, chipping, stained, or scratched. If you notice any of these signs of wear on the windows, the condition of the window will only get worse. When window frames start to warp and rot, the glass panes no longer fit well, which could let valuable air escape and make them difficult to open and shut. If your windows are starting to age, it is time for some replacements.

Foggy Glass: If your windows remain foggy, no matter how often you clean them, this is a sign they are not protecting against condensation. On single-pane windows, fogging usually signals too much humidity in the house. Fog on double-pane windows means the seal is broken and the whole window needs to be replaced. If the windows are fogging on the exterior the surface of the glass may be too worn.

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