Unexpected Ways to Conserve Energy


We all know energy conservation can benefit your home, your family, and the environment, and most people take small steps to save energy every day. But there’s a few less common methods to conserve energy and lower your energy bills that most people might not think of! Let’s go off the beaten path a bit and look into some more unexpected ways to conserve energy around your home! Check Out Your Ducts and Heater

Sure, everyone knows that keeping a close eye on your thermometer is a good way to help manage energy bills, but not as many people know that performing regular maintenance on your heating system can do just as much to keep heating costs down! Even basic maintenance like lubricating joints, tightening connections, and cleaning the coils in your heater can help the system work more efficiently and reduce the amount of energy it takes to heat your home. It might not be the cleanest work, but your wallet will thank you when it’s done!

Upgrade Your Appliances Regularly

This one might be a little more expensive up-front but the long-term savings and advantages will more than make it worth it. The simple fact is that older appliances are less energy efficient than newer models, especially models with the government’s EnergyStar certification. Even smaller appliances like washing machines and dishwashers can be upgraded to reduce water, heat, and energy usage for your house, all while providing you with a more usable and functional appliance to help out around the house!

Know What Your Windows Are Made From (And Decorated With)

Windows are a big source of heat loss and cold gain during the year, but not in ways you might think! The material of the window itself - as well as the material of the window frame - can affect how much heat your home retains. Vinyl replacement windows in multiple panes filled with argon gas are one of the most effective ways to keep heat in your home, and even making sure the frame of the window is the correct material and is correctly installed will do much to help keep heat in. Window dressings help too - while awnings might provide shade, they don’t do much to keep your home heated or cooled. Thick curtains, however, actually have been shown to keep your home insulated from leaking either hot or cold air and running up your energy bill!

Hopefully these lesser-known tips help you keep your home just the temperature you want it, without running up your bills! Good luck, and stay warm - or cold - out there!