Tips for a Backyard Makeover


The backyard is sometimes forgotten about because the front yard typically offers more curb appeal. However, an attractive and creative backyard does add value to your home, as well as providing benefits for your family and any visitors you may have. Here are four easy and inexpensive ways to spruce up your backyard! Create Defined Spaces

Consider separating areas in the backyard by their accessories or function. For example, you could establish a kid-friendly play area with play set or tree swing. The designated eating or cooking area can be on the deck. A small arbor, pergola, or even gazebo will create a space for quiet reflection. Sheds can be converted to a play area or even study room with some art and wallboards as decorations. A trellis is an excellent way to create a focal point or entrance into another area. The relaxing area can be kept small, simple and surrounded with colored plants and even a birdbath or fountain.

A Path to Success

Paved pathways offer endless creative patterns and styles with different colors and shapes. These versatile stepping stones come in low-cost concrete form or more expensive cobblestone or limestone, both providing durability and requiring minimal maintenance. You don’t just have to used paved concrete, either. A backyard path can be created through using colored rocks with bender boards and rented plate compactor. Strategically placed pavers offer a simple, but aesthetically pleasing solution and can help to define the different backyard spaces.


Adding fresh mulch on the flower beds with a few selectively placed colorful plants is all you have to do to give the landscape a new look. Of course, if your budget allows, consider adding a few trees. They will provide shade and may increase energy savings or the property value. They can also help reduce water stagnation. Standing water and grade problems can also be resolved through retaining terracing and reshaping select terrain areas. A few outdoor lights are all you need to add a sense of security and relaxation. The patio’s bland concrete can be painted with colorful masonry stain or concrete paint.

Exterior Improvements

Sometimes the home’s exterior can drastically improve the backyard atmosphere. Consider pressure washing the siding or repainting the walls if needed. Replacement windows can also add a touch of elegance and freshness. For example, vinyl windows are an excellent investment that will add value to the home while saving money in the long-run.

The backyard doesn’t have to be boring, and can be improved through simple improvements like creating designated spaces, adding pavers, proper landscaping and renovating your home’s exterior.