Tips to Brighten Up The Outside of Your Home

Outdoor Lighting By nightfall, all our hard work put into lawn care and decorations fall out of sight; well, only if there isn’t enough lighting to see it. Keeping a home visible after sundown - not to mention making it navigable for walking - requires a spaced-out spread of strategically placed light fixtures. We show the way to a well-lit outdoor space with the tips below.

Pathways Especially for guests that aren’t well acquainted with the exterior layout of your home, lighting the way leading to your door is top-priority. Otherwise, family or friends could fall and face injuries. For pathways, consider adding a row of mushroom landscape path lights on each end to provide safe travels; place them in rows at opposing ends for maximum spread of light. Most pathways lighting fixtures are bought in bulk because of the tiny spread that each individual one provides. Whatever style you choose, make sure these are positioned in a way that sufficiently show the way and illuminate any obstructions to watch out for.

Front Yard A large aspect driving home security is signaling to outside passersbys that your home is well-lit. Position flood lights around your front lawn so that any opportunity for questionable activity is exposed out in the open. Place an outdoor post light near the front, which acts as a savvy way to foster both a suave look and shed light on your front yard. As for the doorway, there are dozens of wall light options to comb through; for security purpose, choose those with LED bulbs that radiate extremely bright. Lastly, for those concerned about home security, another effective tip is to flick on inside lamps nearby windows; this conveys that you are indeed home and mitigates the chance of suspicious activity around your quarters.

Driveway Another main home entry-point, driveway lighting is used to communicate to others where to park and is helpful for squeezing cars in tight. For best lighting, install bright lanterns parsed out between garage doors. Dozens of fashions - ranging from traditional, industrial, to minimal, and several others - can be experimented with to highlight your home’s core characteristics.

Patio or Deck The patio and deck are prime spots for family parties or social get-togethers. For this reason, it’s vital to light all aspects of them. A fun first option is step lights, which can be installed inside the step and emit a glow to help guide the way up or down a flight of stairs. Similar to the front yard, outdoor posts are great for offering an ambiance and serving as a radiant marker amidst a dark night.

Adding ample exterior lighting to your home is no doubt important. However, at the same time it’s important to keep your energy costs down. If you decide to add new light fixtures to your outdoor home environment, be sure to research energy-efficient appliances and tips so that your bill doesn’t take an unexpected hike.