Tips for Preparing Your Home for Professional Replacement Window Installation

After selecting your replacement window from Wallside Windows, you’ll schedule an installation date. Prepare your old windows and your home for replacement window installation with the following tips. Clean Your Home

As you prepare for the experts at Wallside Windows to install your new windows, begin by organizing your home. Clear the counters and surfaces near your windows so that your contractors will have easy access to your window frames. Remove any furniture near the windows. Your Wallside Windows representatives will lay down a protective tarp to ensure your flooring remains undamaged.

Remove Window Accessories

If your residential windows are covered by blinds or drapes, clear these dressings from your window frames. You may wish to dismantle and temporarily remove window coverings’ fixtures as well. Remove any decorative window stickers or festive decorations so that the contractors can quickly and easily remove your existing window. Carefully place your draperies or window decorations nearby so you can conveniently put them back into place after your new replacement windows are installed.

Review Your Contract

Before the day of your window installation, review your Wallside Window contract to ensure accuracy. While you should thoroughly review your replacement window contract before finalizing your purchase, reread the details of installation before your contractor arrives. Make sure you know exactly which windows in your home will be replaced so that the appropriate areas can be prepared for removal and replacement.

Make Arrangements for Old Windows

As you prepare for your window replacement installation, remember to make arrangements for your old windows. Wallside Windows values convenience for the homeowner and will dispose of your old windows. If you would like to keep your current window, speak with your contractor before installation begins. Wallside Windows’ contractors strive to keep every pane of glass intact during the installation process.

Before your window installation, be sure to confirm your appointment with Wallside Windows. To view our inventory of replacement windows or schedule service, call our Michigan office at (313) 908-5243.