The Advantages of Equipping Your Home with Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Homeowners are becoming more concerned with energy-efficient appliances; but how can these green features benefit you? Find out what you have to gain with energy-efficient replacement windows by reading the following overview.

Tax Credits

Among the many benefits of energy-efficient replacement windows is a tax reward. Since 2010, homeowners who purchase energy-efficient windows, doors, and skylights have been eligible for financial credits on their taxes. Receive these Energy Star tax credits to put money back in your pocket and help the environment with your replacement windows.


Energy Savings

Of course, the most obvious benefit of energy-efficient replacement windows is increased energy efficiency! The multiple layers of these replacement windows are durable and insulated in order to prevent air leakage in or out of your home. With additional insulation in your home, you can use your heater and your air conditioner less throughout the year.

Fewer Repairs

During seasonal weather, condensation can sometimes form between your windows’ panes. Poor-quality and thin windows will experience increased condensation. If this moisture lingers, it could warp the frame of your window. Before long, you could have mildew and mold problems as well. Instead of waiting for your windows to become damaged, purchase energy-efficient replacement windows at the first sign of condensation. Additional insulation reduces condensation. Your window repairs will be less frequent and your energy-efficient windows will last longer.

UV Protection

When your blinds are open during the day, the window’s glass filters UV light into your home. Without properly glazed glass, your home could be damaged by the sun’s rays. Energy-efficient windows protect your home from harmful UV rays while allowing in natural light. These replacement windows protect your carpet and furniture from premature wear.

Increased Home Value

When it comes time to resell your home, energy-efficient windows will prove to be a huge asset. After enjoying the benefits of energy-efficient windows, the next prospective homeowner will be enticed by the idea of more comfort and energy and financial savings.

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