Tip for Keeping Your New Replacement Windows Crystal Clear

When you get beautiful new replacement windows, a little bit of care can keep them looking as good as the day they were installed, even after years of use. Remember to thoroughly clean the glass so your windows will be even more attractive and efficient. The following tips will help you keep your windows crystal clear: Get The Proper Tools: Any good window washing requires the proper tools. With a spray bottle, a scrubbing wand, and your own cleaning solution, you’ll be well equipped to tackle your windows. Bring a few extra towels to wipe away any spots that you may have missed; avoid wiping with paper towels, which can leave behind bits of paper and create static cling that attracts more dirt. You may have heard that newspaper can get your windows clean, but this method will not absorb much water. A window cleaning squeegee will help you keep your replacement windows free of streaks.

Make Your Own Cleaner: Using homemade glass cleaner is an efficient and economical way to clean your windows. Mix two tablespoons of ammonia with half a cup of rubbing alcohol and a quarter-teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and fill it with water. If you prefer a greener method, you can use vinegar or lemon juice instead of ammonia.

Wash Your Windows: If possible, wash the windows on a cloudy day. Direct sunlight can prematurely dry your cleaning solution and make it hard to see if there are streaks. Spray the cleaner onto the window and scrub away the dirt and grime. Once the windows are clean, carefully drag the squeegee along the glass in an “s” shape. Once the windows are clean and streak-free, you can use a towel or an old t-shirt to polish them for extra shine.

Since replacement windows from Wallside Windows have a 35-year guarantee, cleaning is the only maintenance you will have to do to keep them looking great. Update the windows in your Michigan home with our high-quality replacement windows that are built to last. To learn more about our Detroit factory, please call (313) 292-4400.