The Evolution of Home Windows

Today, replacement windows offer a new dimension of style and function to any space. Advancements in window technology have continued to develop since the first invention of the home window. Keep reading to learn how windows have changed over time: The First Windows: Originally, a window was simply a hole in a wall, without any sort of glass. Before the Roman Empire, these holes were covered with animal hides, cloth, or wood. Eastern cultures, primarily ancient China, Korea, and Japan, used paper to cover their windows. The Romans were the first to use glass in a window, starting around 100 AD. Throughout the centuries, many cultures have perfected glass-making to create better, more functional windows.

The Evolution of Window Styles: Once glass became the primary material for window-making, different styles of windows started to become popular. Homeowners could eventually choose which kind of windows they wanted in their homes. From double-hung to sliding, bay to casement, window styles are almost as numerous as the homes they decorate. Though once merely functional, windows have become unique aesthetic fixtures.

Today’s Energy-Efficient Windows: Today, replacement windows are better than ever. Low-E glass windows, for example, reduce transfer of solar energy by up to 50%, helping to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and reduce your utility bills. Low-E glass also prevents your furniture and carpet from fading prematurely. New technology for window glass also keeps harmful UV rays from entering the home, which lowers your exposure to natural radiation. Replacement windows help to insulate your home and regulate indoor temperature and relative humidity. Today’s windows also offer a new level of beauty and design never before available.

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