Three Advantages of Allowing More Sunlight Into Your Home

Sunlight entering room Although many people love the sun simply for basking in its warm rays, there are many other advantages beyond the simple comfort of tanning. Listed below are three major benefits from incorporating the sun’s natural light into your home.

Enhanced Quality of Sleep Instead of opting for over-the-counter sleep medication and all its potentially risky side effects, there’s a natural, arguably just-as-effective alternative that’s right outside your window - the sun! Numerous studies have discovered that by exposing one’s self to natural light for roughly fifteen minutes to an hour (this varies on an individual basis), it realigns our natural circadian rhythms; this is related to our internal biological clock, which controls when it is time for our bodies to go to sleep. If we receive an insufficient amount of sunlight, the circadian rhythm could be altered and in turn disrupt our sleep cycles.

Heightened Mood Contact with sunlight naturally produces serotonin, which is a chemical in the brain that balances mood. A lack of serotonin may cause a slip into depression, mood swings, and reduced hunger. Stimulate the intake of serotonin in your home by installing new windows in places where people eat, converse, or lounge so that they can soak up that quality sun as often as possible.

Absorption of Vitamin D Within the sun’s rays exists rich amount of Vitamin D. Once its light meets human skin, the rich Vitamin D soaks into our system. By being exposed to sunlight and in turn receiving Vitamin D, the immune system grows stronger which in turn reduces the risk of many ailments. In addition, exposure to sunlight has been linked to decreased rates of melanoma, various cancers, and many other maladies while also pointing to increases in bone health and many other positive physiological effects.

Lower Blood Pressure Recent studies have found that increased exposure to sunlight leads to lower blood pressure. It is said that the increased intake of nitric oxide delivered from sunlight exposure subsequently lowers blood pressure. Though the research is hopeful, it’s still in its early stages and thus not totally confirmed in the medical field.