Secrets to a Spiffy Home Office

modern home office The home office is a centralized space used to serve all business doings. In order to properly get things done, it needs to be organized and furnished in the right way. Transforming a workspace into a personal dojo is no easy feat - but it is worth it in the long run. We examine why this is and lay down some key steps to re-purposing your office into a prosperous work environment.

Let There Be Light Nobody likes a cramped, stuffy room; bottom line, it’s uncomfortable. Unless you’re content with the cramped quarters of a basement, choose a room with windows to promote natural light and air flow. If you already have an established home office, but it lacks ventilation or enough sunlight, reach out to Wallside Windows to get a free in-home estimate and learn how we can help install custom-designed replacement windows in your office.

Privacy Is Key Have you ever tried reading in a room full of people talking? Re-reading the same sentence, getting interrupted every few paragraphs, and that dreaded feeling that you’re ultimately not getting anything done - it’s not exactly a good feeling. Mitigate the chance of noise disturbances by selecting an area of your home that is away from chatter and in a spot that you’re unlikely to be interrupted.

Gear Up Equip yourself with the tools, furniture, and technology you need to effectively do your work. The best bet for a desk is going with one on the larger size (that is if you can make it fit). With a larger surface space, you can space out your computer, important documents, and use a desk calendar so that all of your plans can be easily inputted and seen right in front of you. Additionally, you may want to consider a desk with drawers; this will allow easy, organized accessed all in one place. Lastly, outfitting the office with a comfortable reclining chair to occasionally read and take breaks is excellent for clearing your head.

The Subtle Yet Impactful Role of Atmosphere Atmosphere plays a subtle yet effective role in determining the feel of a room. Rooms painted with bright and vibrant colors, for instance, exude an exciting aesthetic. Conversely, those with earthy tones like neutral hues of green and beige facilitate a calmer tone. For your office, choose a color that naturally makes you comfortable and confident. Other types of decor like pictures, plants, and other visual elements of decor spur motivation and enthusiasm.

Space It Out It’s counterproductive to your well-being and productivity to be cooped up in a corner for long hours at a time. To avoid this, position your desk, furniture, and storage units in a layout that allows you to walk around and stretch out without having to leave the office.