The Benefits Offered by Casement Windows

  Casement windows are the perfect style for any kind of Michigan home. These replacement windows offer the ideal blend between aesthetics and function. If your home needs an instant upgrade, casement windows do the job well. Keep reading to learn about some of the amazing benefits of casement windows:

  • Easy Use: This style makes it extremely easy to alternate between open and closed windows. With a simple-to-use lever, you can let in a delicious spring breeze and close the window if it starts to get too chilly. Most casement windows can be opened all the way until they are perpendicular with the frame just by turning the lever a few times. Casement windows give you complete control over the amount of outside air that comes into the house.


  • Climate Control: Michigan winters can be rough, but replacing your current windows with a casement style is a great way to weather-proof your home. Since most casement windows have a triple latch and double weather stripping, they protect your home from cold temperatures and wind. These same features will help you keep conditioned air inside on warm afternoons and generally maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Extra Curb Appeal: Casement windows are some of the most attractive of any style. Whether you choose end-vent, double, single, or awning casement windows, you are increasing the curb appeal of your home. Casement windows are easy to pair with attractive window treatments, which will instantly enhance your interior design. The windows themselves automatically add value to your home. If you are looking for the perfect replacement windows, casement windows are a great choice.

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