A Seasonal Guide to Using Windows for Home Ventilation

You can comfortably regulate the temperature in your home without wasting a lot of money on energy bills. Windows provide natural ventilation that keeps the interior of your home pleasant at all times of the year. Upgrading to replacement windows will help you get the most out of the natural ventilation process. Use this guide to figure out the best ways to ventilate your home as the seasons change:

  • Summer: Before Michigan temperatures start to rise, install customized replacement windows that keep the home cool. Windows that are at least three and a half feet high, for example, promote great natural ventilation. Ask your window replacement company to customize windows on the north and south sides of the house to get the best cross breeze. If using the air conditioner, make sure the windows are closed at the hottest times of the day. If you are only ventilating with windows, leave them open to enjoy a delicious breeze.
  • Fall: As the temperatures start to cool, leave the windows open during the day and close them at night. The fresh air circulating inside will make your home feel more open and be relatively warm. You can still enjoy a soothing fall breeze from the comforts of the house, especially if you utilize window ventilation.
  • Winter: When you choose replacement windows with energy-efficient glass, you can prevent the frigid Michigan temperatures from penetrating into the home. Keep the windows shut tightly to prevent cold air from coming inside. By not letting outside air in, you also keep heat from escaping through the windows. You can have a wonderfully warm house without exorbitant heating bills.
  • Spring: As the grip of winter finally starts to recede, let some fresh air into the house by opening the windows. Start off slowly by just opening them slightly at the warmest parts of the day. As spring gets closer to summer, you can leave the windows open longer to regulate the interior temperature.

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