home security tips

Taking Care of the Most Common Home Security Vulnerabilities

Burglar opening window to home If an experienced burglar targets your home for a robbery, all they need is a few seconds to gain access to your home. There are many different ways for an uninvited visitor to get into your home and all experienced burglars have their “tricks of the trade” for breaking in. But no matter how good you are about doing things like keeping your doors locked and keeping valuables out of plain sight, some parts of the home simply are more vulnerable to burglars than others.


Even if you’re very diligent about locking your windows and use brackets to prevent them from being opened all the way, the glass panes can still be very easy to break. Shatter-resistant security window films can help make it harder to break the glass on your vinyl replacement windows. These types of window films are inexpensive and won’t block your view or limit the amount of light that comes in, but they can do a great job of making it more difficult for someone to get in by breaking the glass.

“Hidden” Spare Keys

Not everybody is good about remembering to bring their keys with them when they leave the house, so many people decide to leave spare keys hidden in places like flower pots, under doormats, and on top of doorframes. While this might spare you the expense of calling a locksmith anytime you get locked out, you’re making it very easy for burglars to get into your home. Experienced burglars are wise to all the places people think to hide spare keys, so play it safe and leave a spare key with a trustworthy neighbor or friend who lives nearby instead.

Pet Doors

If you have dogs, they need to be able to get in and out throughout the day. But a pet door is extremely easy point of entry for a burglar if it hasn’t been installed properly. If a pet door is truly a must-have for your home, make sure you choose a very high quality door and have it professionally installed. Ideally, you should look for a pet door with a locking mechanism or one that is opened with an electronic sensor on your pet’s collar.


Trees and shrubs make wonderful additions to your yard, but if they get overgrown, they can create a great place for burglars to hide. Make sure any trees in your yard aren’t significantly blocking the view of your house from the street and keep bushes trimmed so that they’re no taller than three feet high. If you’re planning some new landscaping for your yard, make sure you choose bushes that are either full of thorns or difficult to climb.


Does your home have an attached garage? If so, don’t forget to lock the door that leads into the garage from your house. Since this isn’t technically an exterior door, many homeowners forget to lock it. But if a burglar is able to get into the garage, they’ll have no problem getting into the rest of your home. Even if you don’t have an attached garage, it’s still important to protect it from burglars. If you have windows in your garage, make sure to use curtains, blinds, or window films to make it harder for a burglar to take inventory of your belongings from the outside.