Summer Window Treatments to Keep the Heat Out

Intense sunlight through your home’s windows can raise the temperature indoors. Window treatments are an easy, inexpensive, and creative way to reduce incident sunlight in your home. You can choose form a variety of options to help you beat the heat without sacrificing style or view. Solar Shades Solar shades block out UV light, which heats up your home and damages your belongings. Although they block these harmful rays, solar shades don’t affect your view at all, making them an ideal choice for windows that overlook a vista you don’t want to sacrifice. Solar shades provide excellent insulation in the winter as well, meaning they’ll work hard but look handsome all year long.

Window Awnings Installing awnings, particularly over west- and south-facing windows, can cut down on the heat gain inside your home by over 65%. That’s a significant gain in energy efficiency without affecting your view. You can install fixed or retractable awnings made from a variety of materials to suit your home’s outdoor style.

Drapes and Blinds Indoor drapes and window blinds add style while cutting down on heat transfer through your windows. Improperly-installed drapes or blinds won’t provide the same gain in energy efficiency, so have a professional install these additions for the best results. The best place to install window treatments is in areas that get a lot of sunlight during the summer. You can choose from horizontal or vertical styles in a variety of materials to match or accent your indoor décor.

Shutters Shutters can be installed on the outside or inside of your home to reduce incident sunlight during times of peak intensity. They are versatile and adjustable, allowing you to block out the sun from any angle. Window shutters also provide other benefits, such as increased insulation and privacy.

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