How to Keep Cool Air from Escaping Through Old Windows

Older windows can harbor poorly-functioning glass and leaks that allow warm air inside while letting cold air escape. This lowers the energy efficiency of your home and raises the cost of keeping indoor areas cool. There are a number of solutions to prevent the transfer of heat and cold from your home, ranging from small repairs to complete window replacement. Check and Repair Seals Cracks and wear in the frame of your window allow air transfer between your home and the outdoor environment. Cool air escapes, making your air conditioner work harder to keep your home comfortable. Check the caulk sealing around the inside and outside of your home’s windows. If you find areas where the caulk is cracked, peeling, or crumbling away, replace it with fresh caulk to create a tighter seal. Similarly, the place where your window’s pane meets its frame is sealed with weatherstripping. Weatherstripping materials may be made from metal, plastic, or silicone. Check the weatherstripping for areas of wear or damage that could allow air transfer. Repair or replace weatherstripping as needed for further protection against air loss.

Replace Windows While replacing an entire window may sound daunting, installing replacement windows can be an easy and cost-effective process. Replacement windows come in a variety of forms to suit your needs. You can replace the sash only, the window only, or the entire window and frame as needed. If your windows are old and the frame is rotting or failing, your best option is to replace the window rather than try to repair it. A newer, more energy-efficient window will create a seal that is far superior to patching multiple holes in the frame of an old one.

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