Sticking Windows, Fogged Glass, Rattles, and Other Common Window Problems

If you live in an older home, you will likely have to face several home maintenance issues over the years. Old windows are the source of many of the most frustrating problems that homeowners face. Not only do deteriorating windows let drafts into your home, they can also inconvenience you in many other ways. You should install replacement windows in your home if you experience any of the following problems: Sticking Windows

The fit between the sash and the frame should be so snug that the window is airtight. Unfortunately, wooden windows can swell and warp if conditions inside your home are humid, which can make them difficult to open. Non-porous vinyl window frames are much less vulnerable to sticking, and you can keep them operating smoothly by lubricating the rollers and hinges.

Fogged Glass

Condensation or fog may appear on your window glass when the humidity inside your home is greater than the humidity outside. In the wintertime especially, your windows may fog up when you are cooking or taking a shower. This problem is especially common with older single-pane windows, and can be drastically reduced by replacing old windows with new models equipped with double-paned glass.

Rattling Window Glass

If the glass panes in your window rattle as you open and shut the sash, then they are no longer secured properly inside the frame. Excess rattling and vibration can eventually cause the glass to crack, decreasing your windows’ energy efficiency. Heated or cooled air can escape your home through the gaps between glass and frame, which will further raise your energy bills. Replacing your windows with Energy Star-approved frames and low-E glass can eliminate rattling and reduce the cost of utilities.

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